10 Tips to Keep Your Photography Exciting & Eye Catching

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Do you feel like your photography is boring?

It is technically good, meaning it is in focus and has basic composition.

But it doesn’t catch anyone’s eye. It’s just okay.

Have you ever gone into a photography gallery and been blown away by their photos on the walls?

What makes their photography exciting and eye catching? What makes you do a double take?

I think all photographers go thru a time when they think their photos are boring.

It doesn’t matter if you shoot portraits, landscape, still life or something else.

It might just be that you are bored with your own work, but others think it is amazing.

In that case, you might just look for a new subject that excites you and you will kill it.

But other times, you need to make a few tweaks to your photography to kick it up a notch.

Today, I am going to try to get you out of your rut and add the wow factor to your photos.

I searched Pinterest for photos that caught my eye and revealed the qualities I was looking to teach here.

10 Tips to Keep Your Photography Exciting & Eye Catching

1. Color

Color is a key component in getting our attention in photography. Bright colors and color contrast can draw the eye in and make you want to look again.

Fall is a great time to accentuate color in your photos. In the photo above, the range of color in the landscape bring your eye through the photo and make it very appealing and eye catching.

2. Details

Details can be found anywhere, from the wings of a butterfly to the wrinkles in someone’s face.

I love this photo of a bear in winter. My first thought was “How did he get that close to the bear?” and then I noticed the claws of the bear. I didn’t know bears claws looked like that.

Because the photographer got every detail of the bear, I know what bears claws look like close up. Amazing.

3. Scale

Scale in a photo can be a vast landscape or macro shot of a ladybug. The extremes in scale can make a photo more interesting and make you look again.

In this photo, the scale is very small and the details are great. This photo makes you want to look longer to see the colors and the dew drops on the insects.

4. Do Something Unexpected

Some pictures are boring because they show the same old thing, done millions of times. People see so many images these days, that the same old thing isn’t going to cut it anymore.

I love this pictures of the pencils in zipper formation because it is something unexpected. It opens up new possibilities and ideas for something as boring as colored pencils.

5. Composition

Composition is how the subject is placed in the photo. Composition can help lead your eye to the subject and through the picture to tell a story.

In this photo, I love the lines that run throughout. They lead you all the way through the photo and make you wonder if there really is such a place in real life.

To learn more about composition, read this post —> 13 Composition Rules to Take Your Photography From Boring to Striking.

6. Perspective

Perspective is the way you look at the world. In photography, perspective means the angle you take your photograph.

You could shoot from above, below, through another object, etc.

Most of the time, using a perspective that is different from the straightforward shot makes your photo more interesting.

In the photo above, the photographer gets low on the forest floor and shoots up to get this amazing fall shot. This perspective shows the height of the trees and colors of the leaves.

7. Symmetry

Symmetry means that there is an invisible line in your photo where things are the same on both sides.

This can be found in nature (like someone’s face) or can be done by using reflections.

In the photo above, a reflection is used to make the bridge symmetrical above and below the water for an eye-catching shot.

8. Interrupted Pattern

Patterns are a great thing to photograph. They are eye catching and tell a story.

But even more visually stunning is a pattern interrupted. This can be done by having everything the same with one standout that is unlike the others.

In the photo above, the red pencil stands out because it interrupts the pattern of yellow pencils. Brilliant!

9. Emotion

Catching an emotional moment in time can quickly take your photos from boring to amazing.

It doesn’t really matter the emotion, just the sincerity. So instead of asking people to say “cheese” and getting a “cheesy” grin, go for real emotion in your photos.

In the photo above, I love the joy that shows on the little girl’s face. It really makes the photo come alive!

10. Movement

Capturing movement at the right moment can bring your photos to life. It could be a car driving by, smooth waterfalls or a splash from someone jumping in a swimming pool.

By freezing the action, you add dimension and intrigue to your photo.

In the photo above, the movement of the chocolate syrup brings this photo from a boring photo of a strawberry on a fork to a story of dipping strawberries in chocolate at a party. That makes it much more interesting.

Action Steps:

  1. When you are planning a photo shoot, think about what you could add to make your photos different from others you have seen.
  2. Start a Pinterest board and add photos you love to it. Then analyze these photos and why you love them for future inspiration.
  3. Try new things (even if they don’t always work) to think outside the box and be creative.

Photography is art. In it’s best form, it can stir our hearts and change our worldview.

I hope these tips allow you to make an impact with your photography to all who see it. We all want our photography to be exciting and eye-catching. But it doesn’t come naturally to most photographers. It takes work and practice over time to see results.

What secrets do you use to make your photos more exciting and eye-catching? Let us know in the comments below. And if you found this post helpful, please share. Thanks!

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