5 Reasons to Use Stock Photography on Your Blog

Are you using stock photography on your blog? Click here for 5 reasons why you should use stock photography on your blog today. Stock Photography | Stock Photography for Bloggers | Blog Photography

When I started my homesteading blog, I thought I had to use my own photography exclusively. I thought that using stock photography was cheating or the easy way out. After all, it wasn’t being authentic if I didn’t use my own photos, right?


Stock photography has it’s place in blogging, even if you are good at and enjoy photography.

What is stock photography? These are photos that you use (with permission) on your blog that you didn’t personally take.

5 Reasons to use stock photography on your blog:

1. You are short on time

Sometimes the only time you have to write and finish a blog post is late at night or early morning. Maybe you have a day job and during the winter time you don’t see much daylight. Whatever the reason, you may not have good light to take pictures. It is better to use stock photos than dark or grainy photos of your own.

2. You don’t have access to what you want a picture of

Maybe you want an arial photo of your town. Maybe you want a photo of a bird that only visits your part of the country once a year. Since you can’t hop in a helicopter and take a picture, or wait to find the bird, stock photos are your answer. You can find just about anything in a stock photo. Places you want to visit, but haven’t been to yet. Don’t limit yourself to only photos that you can take yourself. If a story demands a different picture, then get a stock photo and make your readers happy.

Stock photography has it's place in blogging, even if you are good at and enjoy photography.

3. You need more variety

Sometimes you talk about the same topic on your blog many times. You don’t want to use the same picture twice. Maybe you blog about gardening, but you only have 10 pictures of your garden from last year. You are going to run out quickly and need more to choose from. That is where stock photography comes in. Readers demand variety and stock photography delivers.

4. You are writing ahead of time

Take our gardening example again (I love gardening, can you tell). You want to write an awesome gardening post (or 10) to help new gardeners get started. But you live in a colder climate and your readers may live in a warmer climate. If you don’t write your post earlier than you might start gardening, you will miss helping those new gardeners. You may not have pictures of your garden yet, but you have to get your post done. Stock photography saves the day again! Get that post done and on its way while you are still stuck in the snow.

5. You aren’t a good photographer

This is the most obvious reason to use stock photography. If you feel like your photos don’t stack up to other bloggers in your niche, don’t feel bad. They are probably using stock photos too. So while you are learning how to up your photography game, use stock photos to help your blog grow. The most important photos that really need to be the best are your featured photo for your blog and Facebook, and your Pinterest graphic. If you feel you need to up your game, these are the 2 places that you should definitely use stock photos to get noticed.

Photography is an excellent skill for a blogger to have, but that doesn’t mean your blog can’t use stock photography. Sometimes you just need a picture of something that you can’t take yourself. Don’t let pride (or money) get in the way of doing what’s best for your blog and brand. Let stock photography fill in the gaps and continue to learn how to make beautiful photographs yourself in your spare time (I know, what’s that right?).

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That’s what we are here for at Pixel Perfect Blogging. We will help you learn everything you need to know to take beautiful blog photos and use them properly on your blog.

Action Steps:

  1. Evaluate the photography on your website to see if it needs a change/boost.
  2. Find stock photography websites to get better photos from. Here are some ideas on this post about Stock Photography Sites.
  3. Change out you photos that you want to upgrade, especially your Featured Image and Pinterest Graphic.

Are you using stock photography on your blog? Click here for 5 reasons why you should use stock photography on your blog today. #photographyforbloggers #blogphotography

Do you use stock photography on your blog? Let us know in the comments below. Thanks!

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