6 Reasons Photography is Important for Your Blog

How do you use photography as a blogger? Click here to see six reasons why photography is important to your blog. Blog Photography | Photography Important to Blog | Photography for Bloggers

Photography has been a passion of mine for many years.

I started out like most moms, taking pictures of my kids on a daily basis. I didn’t want to miss one minute of anything they were doing. My kids were trained well, so when I started taking pictures they would make a funny face or just ignore me and continue doing whatever they were doing.

Then my kids got older and I evolved to taking landscape pictures. I live in a beautiful part of the country (the 4 corners area of Colorado). I have 10 National Parks within 6 hours of my house. I also have a majestic mountain range about an hour away. I started taking nature pictures, and I loved it! I loved that everyΒ time I went to the same place, things would be different. I also loved that nature didn’t care if I was taking it’s picture or not. No cheesy grins, no pouty faces.

I started a photography website for my landscape photography called Mountains & Mesas Photography. It showcases my landscape and still life photography.

When I started my homesteading blog, I knew that one of my favorite parts of blogging would be the photography. I love taking still photography shots of food and nature. I also love taking pictures of my garden and animals.

Photography is important to blogging, and here’s how:

1. It helps tell your story

Photography can help convey your mood, your emotions and your thoughts. You can use photos to show them how to do something or where you have been. Photography enhances the story and helps your reader understand it better.

2. Photography is part of your brand

Photography is one way to share your brand with your readers. Photo colors, themes and lighting all go together to say something about you and your brand.

3. It gives your readers a glimpse into your life

Photography lets people into your world. They love to see the things you are reading, what you are cooking for dinner or where you are traveling. These things help them know you better and that helps them know, like and trust you in the future.

How do you use photography as a blogger? Click here to see six reasons why photography is an important part of your blog. Blog Photography | Photography Important to Blog | Photography for Bloggers

4. Images are part of your SEO

Pinterest and Google are 2 (of many, I’m sure) search engines that search and catalog images as well as words. When you search in google, do you look at what images come up? Google pulls images from websites for keywords even if those keywords aren’t in your alt description. Pinterest can also read your pictures to see what your pin is about. They have recently created the Lens function which allows you to take a picture of what you want to search for instead of typing it in. Computers are getting smarter everyday and images are one more way to get your blog post found.

5. Quality photos precede quality writing

Readers often equate quality photos with quality writing. If they see photos that are dark or blurry, it feels like you didn’t take the time or effort to make them right. They may think that your writing must be the same, without even reading it. We want everything on our blog to be the best we can offer and photography is a big part of that.

6. Awesome photos will get you noticed on social media

As I said above, quality images are all the rage right now. Instagram is a great place for bloggers to get noticed, but you have to have great photos. Great photos will get you on the top of the page when you search for what’s going on. That will get you many new followers rapidly.

Whether you take your own photos or use stock photography (or both), photos are a great way to share with your readers your feelings and mood.

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A blog without good photography won’t make it very far in this visual world we live in. It used to be that photos on blog posts were rare and optional. Now they are mandatory if you want to have a relevant, captivating blog. Words are important, but photos bring those words to life. Photography is important to blogging and therefore you should learn how to take better pictures for your blog.

Action Steps:

  1. Work on your photography. Here are some great tutorials: How Pro Photographers Light Their ImagesΒ and How to Style Photos That Grow Your Business
  2. Use your best photos in the Featured Image and Pinterest Graphic for your post.
  3. Look for stock photography to replace bad photos: List of Stock Photography Websites.

How do you use photography as a blogger? Click here to see six reasons why photography is important to your blog. #photographyforbloggers #blogphotography

How does photography help your blogging? Please share in the comments below. Thanks!

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