6 Reasons the DSLR Isn’t Dead (from an iPhone User)

Do you use your iPhone for blog photography? While iPhone is convenient, click here to find out why I think the DSLR isn't dead and why you need one. #photography #photographytips #blogging #photographyforbloggers
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I love my iPhone. I take it with me to every event, check my social media on it often, listen to podcasts, watch videos on it and sometimes even call or text people.

I love my iPhone, but it isn’t a substitute for my DSLR. For those that don’t know, DSLR stands for Digital Single-Lens Reflex and it is a camera where you can change out the lenses for whatever kind of photo you want to take.

I got my first DSLR 6 years ago for Christmas. I was so excited to learn how to shoot manual and learn what all the buttons were for. I felt like I could be a real photographer because I had a real camera.

Now this was an amateur, low level DSLR, but I didn’t care. It could teach me what I needed to know about making beautiful photos of the world around me.

Over the next couple of years, I learned how to shoot in manual. I learned how to use a tripod and how I could use different lenses and focal lengths to my advantage.

People started to comment on how beautiful my pictures were. “Your camera takes great pictures” they would say. That would get on my nerves sometimes, but I would go with it.

It was no use trying to explain that the camera doesn’t take the pictures, I do. That would be like saying “Your stove bakes great cookies”. It isn’t the stove, it’s the baker. While tools make some things easier, they don’t do the work for you. The same with a camera.

Anyways, back to my DSLR. I loved taking my camera on vacation or to my kids baseball games and getting great images. Sure, it is kinda big and clunky, but it does the job very well.

Then I bought my first iPhone. Before that, I had an android that didn’t do much for me in the way of pictures. I only used it for emergency photos and carried my DSLR pretty much everywhere.

I had heard so much about the iPhone and how awesome the camera was with it that I just finally broke down and got one (by then it was the iPhone 4).

It was fun to take pictures of everything around me and even videos too. It was handy to have a camera that I could stick in my pocket and always have with me.

So like everyone else, I filled my 8GB iPhone 4 with as many photos and videos as it would hold. I’m not much into selfies (I prefer to be behind the pictures instead of in front of them) but every once in a while my kids would convince me that we had to have a selfie and I obliged.

So why am I telling you this story? If I have an iPhone (now I have a iPhone X), why do I need a DSLR?

Because the iPhone can’t do what I need a camera to do.

What my iPhone can’t do:

  1. My iPhone doesn’t perform well in low light conditions. If I take a low light photo with my phone, I’m going to get a grainy mess. The technology is getting better, but I don’t think it is all the way there yet.
  2. My iPhone photos look TERRIBLE if I zoom with my fingers. One of the big no-nos of iPhone photography is don’t zoom with your fingers. If you want a zoom, you are going to have to move your feet or get a zoom lens.
  3. I can’t enlarge and print my iPhone pictures to whatever size I want. Most people look at the small screens for iPhone pictures and they look amazing. But if you blow them up and put them on your wall, the quality won’t be as great as a DSLR.
  4. I can’t zoom in on the guy in the outfield from the stands. My kids play lots of sports. I need my big 300mm zoom lens to get them close up, even in the outfield.
  5. I can’t change settings such as aperture, shutter speed, ISO and white balance. On the new iPhone 8, I hear they do have portrait mode (which acts like a small aperture), but you still don’t have the control you would on manual mode of a DSLR.
  6. I can’t shoot in RAW format, which gives me the full ability to edit my photos. I love shooting in RAW. It gives you so much more control when it comes to editing and completing your vision.

And while I am sure there are apps to solve atleast some of these problems, I prefer to use my DSLR for all of these things and more.

So if you are serious about photography for your blog or for your life, you need to have a DSLR.

man taking pictures of trees with a DSLR camera

What Kind of DSLR Should I Get?

I am a Nikon fan and probably always will be. But in the arena of DSLR cameras, there are 3 names that everyone talks about (affiliate links):

  1. Nikon
  2. Canon
  3. Sony

I don’t think you can go wrong with any of these brands. I just happen to have a Nikon and that is what I like to use.

What About Mirrorless Cameras?

I don’t know much about mirrorless cameras, since I have never used one. But I know their popularity is on the rise, so we should probably add them to the list.

I’ll let Wikipedia explain: “A mirrorless interchangeable lens camera (MILC) is a digital camera with an interchangeable lens. A mirrorless camera uses an image sensor to provide an image to the electronic viewfinder (EVF). It is called mirrorless since it does not have a movable mirror in the optical path.”

These cameras are a good option instead of a traditional DSLR. If you have one, please comment below and tell me why you love/hate it.

So while the iPhone has it’s place in our fast paced, digital world, in my opinion it doesn’t replace the need for a DSLR camera.  When it comes to photography, you want to have the best tool (you can afford) to get the job done. I hope that my 6 reasons above have convinced you that I’m right!

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What do you think? Is the DSLR dead? Let us know in the comments below. And if you found this post helpful, please share. Thanks!





  1. Dan

    Zooming with the fingers is the wrong thing to do. The only option I know is to take the photo as is, then copy to any editing tool and then zoom in and cut to the picture to the right size.
    No doubt that DSLR or Mirrorless are better if you really care about photography.

    1. Julie

      Absolutely. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Patti

    Great article! We are getting our daughter a Nikon DSLR for Christmas. She has only ever used her iPhone 7 for photos. We hope she can learn how to use the Nikon.

    1. Julie

      That’s great! She is gonna love it! Thanks for stopping by!

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