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12 Tips for Shooting in Low Light Photography Situations

hawaii sunset

Light is essential in photography. If you don’t have light, you can’t take a picture. But not all light is created equal. Some light can be harsh or dim, golden or blue. Sometimes we can control the light by choosing the time of day to shoot or using artificial light. Sometimes we just have to […]

5 Ways to Get A Blurry Background In Your Photos

juniper tree with berries in snow

When I first started photography, my goal was to make my pictures look as professional as possible. Of course, I failed miserably for several years. They just looked like snapshots, not professional photos. But learning one thing started to turn my photography around. Today we are going to talk about that one thing: getting blurry […]

15 Tips to Help Elevate Your Sports Photography

young boy playing baseball

As a mom of three teenage boys, I have been a sports photographer for many years. I really enjoy watching my boys play sports and try to capture them doing the thing they love as well. Sports photography can get a little tricky sometimes. Everything is moving fast, the lighting isn’t always ideal and you […]

7 Questions to Consider When Buying A New Camera

camera equipment flatlay

It is so exciting to shop for a new camera. There are so many options and possibilities. But it can also be overwhelming and scary to think about making a big purchase. Cameras aren’t cheap these days. So today, I want to give you some things to think about when you are considering buying a […]

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