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12 Tips for Shooting in Low Light Photography Situations

hawaii sunset

Light is essential in photography. If you don’t have light, you can’t take a picture. But not all light is created equal. Some light can be harsh or dim, golden or blue. Sometimes we can control the light by choosing the time of day to shoot or using artificial light. Sometimes we just have to […]

14 Best Uses for Long Exposure Photography

cars leave light trails in the city

Long exposure photography is a great way to use your camera in manual mode to get a photo that speaks to what you are really seeing with your own eyes. What is long exposure photography? When you keep your shutter open on your camera for an extended amount of time (usually 30 seconds or longer). […]

How to Take Panoramic Photos for Sweeping Landscape Images

photographer in a sunset scene

Landscape photography is my favorite genre of photography. I love the peace and perspective it brings. You also can come away with some beautiful pictures. If you want to learn more about landscape photography, check out this post –> 10 Tips for Beautiful Landscape Photography. But the one thing I didn’t talk about in that […]

30 Basic Photography Terms for Beginners

photography equipment on a desk

Learning a new skill can be overwhelming. You try to research your topic, but you find all of these words that everyone else seems to know but you. This is especially true in the world of photography. There are so many technical terms related to photography it can make your head spin. So I am […]

8 Things I Wish I Had Known As A New Photographer

young woman taking a photo with her iPhone

As a new photographer, I was overwhelmed with all of the things I wanted to learn how to do. I would see so many great photographers online and in person, and I wanted to do everything they were doing. Photography is a great hobby that can turn into an amazing creative outlet or even bring […]

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