12 Fun Back to School Photo Shoot Ideas

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Summer is almost over and back to school is just around the corner.

Every year I try to do some kind of back to school photo shoot with my kids.

As they get older, it gets harder and harder. Teens just don’t like to have their photos taken (atleast that’s true for my boys!).

Whether this if for your blog or just for your family, back to school photos are so fun and great for memorabilia.

So I searched the web (who are we kidding, Pinterest) and found these great back to school photo shoot ideas!

15 Fun Back to School Photo Shoot Ideas:

1. Find Great Props

I love this post from Rosemary Watson Creative with some great prop ideas for back to school photos.

2. Backgrounds

Backgrounds can really make a difference when doing a back to school photo shoot.

I love a good brick wall for a background, whether it is at your house, school or wherever.

I love our local skate park because it has this cool graffiti that is fun for boys.

You can also just use a field as the background in your photos like these fun pictures from Kellie Parry Photography.

3. Funny

Let’s face it, most parents are ready for their kids to go back to school, even if they won’t admit it.

I love these fun back to school photos collected by One Crazy House.

4. Comparison from 1st to Last Day

Kids grow up so much between the first and last days of school. Why not take a photo on each day and put them side by side to compare. Here is a great example by Fynes Designs.

You could even do a first day of kindergarten to last day of high school comparison for the real wow factor!

5. At the School

If you can go to the school before it starts, you can find some great spots to do a photo shoot.

Here are a couple I did of my oldest son on his first year of middle school. The older they get, the harder it is because they get embarrassed easily, so you might have to make it short and sweet.

Some great spots are the front doors going in, next to the school sign or next to the building if it makes a fun background.

a boy on his first day of school

6. On the Playground

When you are at the school, if you have younger kids the school playground can be a great place to take pictures. Playground equipment makes a fun location for pictures and might make it more fun for your student too.

7. Chalk on the Ground

I love the idea of writing your student’s name or grade in chalk and having them lay next to it for a back to school photo.

Here is a great example by Paging Fun Mums.

8. Picture with the Teacher

We love our teachers and we want to have a picture with them on the first day of school. Of course, they are really busy so you have to be patient to get a photo, but it will be worth it later.

I have many pictures of kids with their teachers. I won’t post them here to protect the teachers privacy.

Here are a few ideas from the Dating Divas:

9. Favorite Sport or Club

Do your kids love a certain sport or club? Use props to show what they are into and add it to your first day of school photo. My youngest son loves football, so we got a picture of him with his jersey and football.

a boy playing football

10. Take Photos of School Supplies

I love school supplies. They remind me that school is starting again and fall is coming! Take some photos of your kids school supplies while they are fresh and new.

colored pencils


colored pencils on a white background

11. Posing

Do you run short of ideas when posing your students for a back to school photo shoot?

Here are some great ideas from the Dating Divas:

12. Close Up Shots

Don’t forget to get those cute kids close up! Whether it is a close up head shot, a picture of their new school shoes or backpack, you don’t want to miss all the details of each new year.

Here’s a close up shot of my oldest as a 6th grader. He was working on the teenage attitude.

Here are some other great ideas from The Dating Divas:

Are these back to school photo shoot ideas helping you make a plan for this year? I hope so!

Action Steps:

  1. Bribe your kids to let you take a back to school photo shoot before school starts.
  2. Find a great location with a fun background and some props.
  3. Bring out their personalities and get close up on the details.

If you do it right, these will be pictures you will look back on with nostalgia and fond memories in a few years. They grow up and change so fast. Take an hour or so to capture the moment before they are off to other things.

And if you are a blogger, use these tips to take photos you will be glad to share on your blog and social media. After all, you have cute kids and everyone wants to see how much they have grown!

back to school pin

What traditions do you have in your family about back to school photos? Let us know in the comments below. And if you found this post helpful, please share. Thanks!


  1. Summer Mitch Ryan

    Excellent ideas! Beautiful pictures too. My husband is into portrait photography, but sometimes we run out of ideas on to do it. So this is very helpful. Thanks.

    1. Julie

      I’m glad this helped. I love back to school photos!

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