iPhone Photography: Learning to Rock the Camera You Always Have With You

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Do you have an iPhone (or smart phone)? I’ll bet you take it with you everywhere. It never leaves your side. You even take it to the bathroom and to bed. Ask me how I know.

Smart phone cameras have increased in quality so much since they were invented 10 years ago. What where grainy images and small file sizes have increased to better quality photos.

How do I take my iPhone images to the next level?

By taking your iPhone photography seriously, you can really step up the quality of your images. Don’t just whip it out, take a picture and go.

Be intentional and thoughtful with your photos and you will see a big change in the quality of the images.

Do I need the latest version of iPhone to make it work?

Not exactly, but the newer the better. Here is my phone upgrade policy: I always upgrade one phone behind the newest model. Why? It’s cheaper.

Also, they usually work out the glitches by then. So right now I have an iPhone 6s plus. Soon I will be upgrading to 7 because the 8 just came out. So to answer the question, you don’t need the absolute latest iPhone (or Android) to get great pictures, but they do up their game with each new device, so you don’t want to be too far behind.

iPhone Do’s:

  1. Slow down-don’t just snap and go. Take a look at your surroundings and things in the picture that you may not want. It is so much easier to decrease distractions while you are taking the picture than to have to edit them out later.
  2. Clean your lens-it’s crazy how dirty your lens can get in your pocket or purse. Just take a second to wipe it with a cloth (or your shirt) before you take a picture.
  3. Keep it steady-you don’t want blurry pictures. By keeping your arms closer to your body and staying still, your photos will come out much clearer.
  4. Know the limits of the device you are using-Phone manufacturers make big claims on how awesome their phones are. Test them out ahead of time so you know how the camera functions in low light or zoom before you need to use them.
  5. Make sure you have enough light-Light is key in photography. Using natural light when possible will make your photos so much better.
  6. Focus on the right spot-Get your focal spot clear by tapping on the phone screen where you want your focus to be. This will make your photos much clearer.

iPhone Don’ts:

  1. Zoom with your fingers (zoom with your feet)-The phone zoom is notoriously bad and grainy. Instead of pinching your fingers for zoom, move your feet closer to the subject. Or take the picture and then crop in later.
  2. Use the flash-The phone flash isn’t going to be very good. Either use natural light or an external flash for better photos.
  3. Get in a hurry-Like I said above, take your time and look at things from different angles and perspectives. Don’t just take the first shot and go home. Good photography takes time and intention.
  4. Overdo the filters-I love a good filter as much as the next guy, but keep things simple. Use filters to express your style, but keep the photography clean and fresh.

Extra Tips to Rock Your iPhone:

  • To take pictures from a locked screen, just swipe left.
  • To lighten a picture, just tap and then increase exposure by scrolling up by the sun.
  • If you have a photo that you want to see what is inside and outside at the same time, try HDR mode.
  • To take many shots in a row (like burst mode), just press and hold your camera button to take many pictures at once.
  • To take a photo that is wider than normal, without using pano, just take a video and then use the camera button to take photos during the video (you can erase the video when you are done).
  • Use the grid on the camera to get stronger composition by following the rule of thirds.

Awesome Apps to Edit your iPhone Photos:

  1. Snapseed-Free app for great iPhone editing. I have included a fun tutorial from Happy Grey Lucky in the resources at the bottom of the post where she uses this app.
  2. Lens Distortions-Free app. You can use this app to add lens flares and other elements to your photos for cool effects.
  3. VSCO-Free trial, and then $19.99 a year. This app has excellent presets and filters. It allows you to give a cohesive look to your blog or instagram photos.
  4. Afterlight-It costs $.99 for this app. It adds filters and textures for a unique look.

I still love my DSLR. I use it when taking most of my blog photos. But some bloggers may not have a DSLR or know how to use one. Using your iPhone (or Android) for blog photos is perfectly acceptable.

These iPhone photography tips and tricks will help you increase the quality of your iPhone photos for your blog. Using what you have can increase your productivity and your bottom line.

After all, they always say the best camera you can use is the one you have with you. So get to work and rock those photos!

Action Steps:

  1. Incorporate the do’s and don’ts into your iPhone photography workflow.
  2. Try the extra tips to see if they work for you.
  3. Find a new app to edit your photos faster and with flair!


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