How to Use Leading Lines in Photography For Better Compositions

father and suns standing on wooden sidewalk
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Once you understand the basics of shooting in manual mode, focusing and finding the light, you would think your photos would be amazing.

So why do they seem lack luster and boring? Composition.

Composition helps you see how to place your subject for maximum impact and creativity.

I discuss the most popular rules of composition in this post –> 13 Composition Rules to Take Your Photography from Boring to Striking.

One composition rule we are going to discuss in more depth today is leading lines.

What are leading lines?

Leading lines are lines you use in your photo to lead your viewers eye thru the photo to your subject.

They can be straight or curvy and can be found all kinds of places.

Here are some examples of leading lines in my own photography:

I love using paths to help lead the viewer thru the photo, just like I did here with this gravel path thru the aspen forest.

father and suns standing on wooden sidewalk

This photo of my husband and sons a few years ago also uses the wooden bridge to lead your eye right to the subjects.

trail down to lake powell

The lines of the trail (Hole in the Rock) leads your eye up the photo and into the water at the top (Lake Powell, UT).

I love leading lines because once you start learning about them, you see them everywhere. And using them properly can make your photos more captivating and interesting.

Here are some examples of leading lines I found online:

These examples use lines (curved or straight) to lead your eye thru the photo and to your subject.

You can do the same thing by using leading lines as a compositional element in your photos. So keep an eye out for lines, curves and how they can lead your eye thru a photo.

Adding this technique to your photography skills can elevate your photos and make people take a second look. And that is the goal after all, right?

leading lines pin

How do you like to use leading lines in your photography? Let us know in the comments below. And if you found this post helpful, please share. Thanks!

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