To all budding photographers. . .

who would love to take amazing photos that wow your friends, family and even strangers on the internet...

I've got a question for you...

What's the difference between taking photos you would be proud to enter into photography contests...

...and taking photos that are kinda boring and lack luster...

or worse... that you don't want to share because they are a little out of focus and dark?

​​​If you guessed. . .

  • owning a $5k camera. . .you'd be wrong.
  • going on a dream vacation to shoot photos. . .you'd be wrong.
  • getting a degree in Photography. . .you'd still be wrong.

You see, taking amazing photos isn't about expensive gear, beautiful locations or going back to school. It's about ditching your iPhone camera and learning how to use manual mode on a entry level DSLR camera. I'm not talking thousands of dollars here. You can get a used DSLR camera on Craigslist or Ebay for $300. No problem.

Take the guesswork out of learning Manual Mode 

Shooting in Manual Mode is a must for all serious photographers. Don't let that little M on the dial scare you. Instead, make it work for you so that you can take crisp, clear and compelling photos every time you pick up your camera.

For those action takers that are thinking,

"This is exactly what I need! Where do I buy?" 

Click the button below. 

What's Inside?

Learning how to shoot in manual mode will help you. . .

  • get the blurry background in portraits everyone wants
  • blur or stop movement
  • shoot in low light situations
  • adjust white balance for true to life color
  • shoot in RAW for better original files
  • fulfill the creative vision of your photos
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About the Author

Julie Gropp has been a landscape photographer for several years. She is passionate about teaching others how to use their cameras properly to get the best photos possible. She lives in Colorado with her husband and 3 teenage boys. She is the voice behind the blog: Pixel Perfect Blogging.

Learn how to take photos that make people say, 

"Wow! You must have a great camera!"

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