4 Easy Tips for Organizing Your Digital Space Today

Are your computer files a mess? Click here for 4 tips for organizing your digital space so you can free yourself to be creative in your business. #photography #blogging #organization

Everyone is talking about decluttering this time of year. We need to get rid of stuff to make room for living.

That is true about our homes, but what about our digital space? Do you know how to access things quickly on your computer/phone?

Today we are going to talk about organizing your digital files so that you can easily access them daily.

As photographers and bloggers, we keep tons of valuable information on our computers/devices.

How do you keep it all organized so that you can find what you are looking for quickly?

1. Create a system that works:

I have a system of folders on my computer that keep things neat and organized.

I included a picture below.

Are your computer files a mess? Click here for 4 tips for organizing your digital space so you can free yourself to be creative in your business. #photography #blogging #organization

I have a folder for each blog. In the folder, I have a folder for each month. I also have folders for graphics and videos. In my monthly folders, I have a folder for Pinterest images, original images, post quotes and blog ready images.

This system helps me stay organized for each month, and also have access to graphics and videos that I use every month.

For the new year, I will put all the blog files from last year into one folder and start the process over for January 2018.

My workflow:

When I upload a photo for my blog, I save it in the originals folder for that month.

Then I reduce the size to make it blog ready and save it to the blog ready folder.

Then I make a Pinterest image in Photoshop (you can do it in Canva or PicMonkey too) and save it to the Pinterest images folder. Right now, I am testing 2 different pin types for each post, so I put them all in this folder.

Finally, I make a quote for each post and put it in the post quotes folder under each month.

Each month I start a new folder with these same folders inside. This helps everything stay neat and organized.

2. Naming your files:

How do you name your files to keep them organized?

I name all of the pictures for the same blog post the same name with a different number at the end.

So for this post, I would name my pictures digitalspace01.jpg, digitalspace02.jpg and so on.

If I am doing a photo shoot, I usually do the same thing for each shoot. So if I am shooting our family Christmas card photos, I would save them as familycard01.jpg, familycard02.jpg and so on.

Naming your photos by topic instead of keeping the random number your camera assigns is not just good for organization, but it is also good for SEO on your blog.

Are your computer files a mess? Click here for 4 tips for organizing your digital space so you can free yourself to be creative in your business. #photography #blogging #organization

3. Backup everything:

The most important thing you can do for your photography is to BACK UP YOUR PHOTOS! Sorry, did I yell?

Backing up your photos is very important. And you don’t want to just back them up one place. You need multiple places just in case one place fails.

I lost everything 3 years ago to a house fire. It was devastating. One of the big things I took away from the fire is backing up your photos.

I actually had about 14,000 online (I was a scrapbooker, so I had them on Shutterfly), but they were mostly older pictures.

The pictures I lost were the pictures from just that year before the fire.

I had them backed up on my external hard drive, but no where else. I had a few on Facebook, but those aren’t usually good quality to recover.

My computer and external hard drive were so badly damaged by the fire that the information could not be recovered.

I always thought “well, if there is a house fire, I’ll just grab the hard drive and run!” It never crossed my mind that I wouldn’t be home (we were on vacation) when our house burned down.

I’m not telling you this to feel sorry for me. We have recovered and everything is great again. But I tell you this so you can put systems in place in case this (or another disaster) happens to you.

I would suggest backing up on an external hard drive (monthly) and backing up online (continuously).

How do I backup my photos online?

Online backup can be done several ways.

  • You can use the cloud to automatically back up your phone or computer.
  • You can use a service to run in the background of your computer to back it up on a regular basis. I will link in the resources section below to some recommendations of services that do this kind of thing.
  • You can manually upload pictures to sites like Flickr or Shutterfly that will keep you photos for you for free.

4. Purge when necessary:

Once a year, you should get rid of the things on your computer you don’t need anymore.

This could be extra copies of the same photo or file.

It could be photos from affiliate promotions that are outdated.

It might mean that you pick your favorite photos from a certain year (3 or 4 years ago) and get rid of the original files from that year.

Purging helps to make space on your computer and in your brain for new stuff.

Action Steps:

  1. Come up with a system of organization on your computer that makes sense for you.
  2. Organize everything so that it is easily accessible.
  3. Backup and purge often to keep your digital space protected and tidy.

Digital files are very important to our blog/business and our personal lives. Whether it is photos for clients, your blog or your family; you don’t want to lose them. By organizing your files, backing them up for later and purging when necessary, you are keeping your digital space clean and efficient. So I challenge you today to do the action steps above and get your digital space organized. You won’t regret it.

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How do you organize your digital space? Let us know in the comments below. Thanks!

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