Hello! I’m so glad you are here.

Our goal at Pixel Perfect Blogging is to help you become a better photographer and blogger. This online space can be difficult to navigate sometimes. We want Pixel Perfect Blogging to be the place you come to to find awesome tutorials and information about photography for bloggers and blogging helps.

But why should you listen to me? Let me tell you a story.

I started my first blog in 2007. It was a personal blog that was a way to share pictures and stories with friends and family around the country. I loved sharing what we were doing and taking pictures of my 3 boys and their crazy adventures.

This blog went on as a hobby for several years, with no thought of making any money. You can make money blogging? Who knew?

While having the family blog, I also started a photography blog because I wanted to share my landscape and lifestyle photography that I was so passionate about. I got a good response and had several people tell me I should start a photography business. I took on some clients and sold some prints. I was starting slow because there was a lot of overhead and a big learning curve.

Then we had a fairly large trial in our lives: in 2014 our house burned down while we were on vacation to Texas for Spring Break. This definitely rocked our world. I quit blogging and the photography business to began to put our home back together. I had lost my computer, some camera equipment (and pretty much everything else) in the fire. We were able to rebuild (thanks to insurance) and start acquiring stuff again.

Then 2 years ago I decided I was ready to start blogging again. I wanted to find something I was passionate about and learn how to make money doing it. This time, I wanted to do it as a job.

So I started Our Provident Homestead as a homesteading blog that talked about gardening, raising animals, emergency preparedness, homemaking and food preservation. Homesteading is a real passion of mine and I wanted to share what I knew with the world. I dove in head first to the blogging world and tried to learn everything I could about blogging and how to make an income with a blog. I took courses, listened to podcasts, read other blogs and practiced like crazy!

And you know what I found out? I LOVE blogging as a career. I LOVE being an entrepreneur! I LOVE teaching people what I know through the blog and helping them become more self-sufficient and productive.

My blog brought together 3 passions of mine: homesteading, photography and blogging! And I could make money doing it. That’s crazy!

So I have decided to start this new blog to further my two passions of photography and blogging. I have so much knowledge to share on these topics and I can’t wait to help my readers move forward with their blogs.

I want to be up front with you: I haven’t been blogging forever and I don’t make millions of dollars a year. But I have a lot of knowledge to share and I want to help people with their blogs, whether for money or not.

Whether you are an aspiring blogger that is still trying to get started, or if you have been blogging for several years, I want to help you! I want to build a community of bloggers that want to learn how to increase their photography skills to gain traction on their blogs.

So let’s get started!

Julie Gropp

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