30 Reflection Photography Ideas and Inspiration for Creative Images

green trees reflected in lake
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Earlier this week, I discussed water photography and how to use water in different ways to make your photos pop!

You can read that blog post here —> 7 Clever Ways to Capture Water In Your Photography.

But today, I just want to share with you some ideas from around the internet (who are we kidding, Pinterest) that use water (and other things) to make reflections in their photography.

There are many pictures that just amaze me and help me get inspiration for my own water and reflection photography.

But water isn’t the only way you can get reflections in your photography. Mirrors, glass, cds, or any other shiny or reflective surface will work just fine.

So check out these images and if you find some you really love, go follow the photographer on Pinterest for more inspiration.

30 Reflection Photography Ideas and Inspiration for Creative Images

1. Shattered mirror

2. Compact reflection

3. Mountain reflection in lake with foreground

4. Silhouette reflection in water

5. Landscape reflection in lake without foreground

6. Building reflection in puddle

7. Landscape reflection in a glass of water

8. A human reflection in multiple shards of glass

9. An object reflection on a shiny surface

10. A human reflection on a shiny surface

11. Animal reflection in a lake

12. Inverted reflection using a glass ball

13. Reflection in a store window

14. Using a mirror to hide body parts

15. Symmetrical reflection of bridge in body of water

16. Reflection for the side of a mirror

17. Reflection in a spoon

18. Reflection of a face in a mirror (with step back)

19. Reflection in sunglasses

20. Reflection in an eye

21. A shot of a reflection without the original source

22. A reflection in a CD

23. Reflection in an iPhone

24. Reflection in a railroad track

25. Reflection in a car mirror

26. Reflection in a glass shard

27. Reflection in repeating mirrors

28. Reflection in dew or a water droplet

29. Reflection of the sky in a building

30. Reflections in bubbles

Aren’t these images just stunning? And so imaginative too.

I feel so inspired, I need to go find a reflective surface and start shooting!

I hope this list has helped you feel inspired too. Reflections can be a great addition to your portfolio and open up your creativity to new ideas!

reflections pin

What is your favorite reflective surface to use in photography? Let us know in the comments below. And if you found this post helpful, please share. Thanks!

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