How Does Social Media Help Your Blog?

Do you use social media properly? Click here to discuss several popular social media platforms and how they can help your blog get noticed today. Social Media Tips | Social Media for Bloggers | Blogging

Do you remember the first time you got a social media account? For me, it was Facebook. Everyone was talking about how awesome it was, but I was slow to sign up. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to hear about everyone’s lives. Did I really want to connect with people from high school? Well eventually I came around and joined. It was so fun to be a part of the cool kids club!

Now social media is everywhere, in many forms. For many, social media is a constant companion on their smart phones. They stay logged on all day and check out what’s going on constantly throughout the day. Social media has changed society, for good and bad.

Social media is a big topic with lots of layers. It can become a big part of any bloggers daily or weekly routine. Social media is another way we communicate with our audience and hopefully lead them back to our blog.

Today I want to give an overview of the 4 big social media platforms and how you can use them effectively. We will go into each platform in depth in future blog posts.

Social Media Platforms:


The big one. The social media platform for the majority of society (although I have found that many teenagers aren’t on it much anymore).

Facebook’s algorithm is the stuff of nightmares for bloggers. It seems like it has become more of a play to play platform, but there are ways to get ahead.

  1. Make sure you know who you want to attract and make your page about them, your reader.
  2. Post several times a day using the Facebook scheduler (not a third party site).
  3. Don’t only post links to your content. You can also post other people’s content your fans might like. This keeps them on Facebook longer and Facebook likes that.

Courses I recommend to learn Facebook:

Moolah Marketing by Rachel Miller (it is not currently open, but you can sign up for her waitlistΒ to get notified of the next launch.)

We discuss Facebook more in-depth in this post: How to Use Facebook to Boost Your Blog.


This is the platform photographers love! You could spend hours looking at the feeds of photographers of all types and genres.

Instagram is newer than Facebook and relies on photos to connect with people. How do you get ahead on Instagram? Here are some tips:

  1. Post 1-2 times a day.
  2. Create a theme for your account. You could post photos of the same color or style. You can post just “behind the scenes” of your blog or life. Whatever you do, make it intentional.
  3. Use Instagram Stories to connect to your followers. Don’t be afraid to get in front of the camera and share what’s going on in your world. Your followers will love it!

Courses I recommend to learn Instagram:

Food Blogger Pro (they teach several lessons on Instagram within this membership platform that only opens quarterly)

Instagram Unlocked (e-book) by Helene In Between

We discuss Instagram more in-depth in this post: 5 Ways to Grow Your Social Proof with Instagram Now!


One of the fastest moving platforms, they say a tweet only lasts 18 minutes. So in order to get your voice heard, you are going to have to speak loud and often.

Here are some tips to up your Twitter game:

  1. Tweet atleast 5-10 times a day to be sure your tweets are getting seen. This could be status updates, your latest blog post or retweeting something someone else said.
  2. Stay on topic. If your blog is about fashion, you probably shouldn’t be commenting on politics (unless the fashion police are bothering Melania Trump again).
  3. Pin a tweet to the top of your feed. This is the first tweet people will see when they visit your feed, so make sure it is the one that will help them decide to be a follower.

Courses I recommend to learn Twitter:

Triple Your Twitter by Helene In Between

Twitter Strategy for Bloggers by Saira Perl


Just to clear the air, Pinterest is not really a social media platform. It is a search and discovery engine like Google. But so many people call it a social media platform still that I stuck it on this list.

Pinterest is amazing for driving traffic to your blog. No matter what your niche, you can find fans on Pinterest. Here are some tips to help you up your Pinterest game:

  1. Pinterest is a visual search engine, so your visual graphics need to be awesome to get noticed. This means good photos, clear titles and long, vertical pins.
  2. Keywords are used on Pinterest (just like Google) to find your content, so make sure you put them everywhere. That means relevant keywords should be in your pin title, board titles, pin description, etc.
  3. Join relevant Pinterest group boards and Tailwind Tribes in your niche to get your content seen by more people.

Courses I recommend to learn Pinterest:

Pinning Perfect by Anna Luther

Pin Practical Masterclass by Monica Froese

Simple Pin Master Course by Kate Ahl

We discuss Pinterest more in-depth in this post: 6 Reasons I Love Pinterest and You Should Too!

Do you use social media properly? Click here to discuss several popular social media platforms and how they can help your blog get noticed today. Social Media Tips | Social Media for Bloggers | Blogging

Why is Social Media Important in Blogging?

Social media gets your work seen by more than just your blog readers. You can grow a fan base on social media that may be totally separate from your blog or you can use social media to drive traffic to your blog (depending on the platform). It is a way to start a community around your blog topic and find out what your potential readers want to learn about. Social media is a great way to promote your name and blog, but just remember that things are always changing. Algorithms and rules change, so you don’t want to totally rely on them for your traffic or income. Social media is a tool, that when used right can help you grow your blog and business.

How to Use Social Media Effectively:

There has been a common theme in all of these platforms. If you know how to do these things, you will be successful on social media:

  • Be consistent-Which ever platform you are on, try to be on or schedule daily or even several times a day (depending on platform). People and the platform will recognize your consistency and that you aren’t just dropping content and leaving.
  • Be helpful-Post helpful content and also respond to questions in a timely manner. This helps you connect with your fans and give them the help they need.
  • Be authentic-Be yourself. Post things you would like to see and act as if someone is right in front of you. When someone meets you in real life or on video, will they recognize you? They should.

Social Media Schedulers:

Because you need to be consistent in every platform you want to grow, it can be time consuming to do it all manually. Thankfully, some awesome companies have come out with schedulers that will help you get more stuff done in less time. I haven’t used all of these products, but I know others that have and are loving them. I will put an asterisk next to the one’s I personally use for my blogs.

Facebook-The best scheduler for Facebook is the native scheduler inside Facebook. It isn’t fancy, but I have been told that Facebook prefers it over others and gives you more reach for using it.

Instagram-*Tailwind for Instagram, Grum, and Later are 3 that get the job done.

TwitterPost Planner

Pinterest-The two most popular schedulers are BoardBooster and *Tailwind. I have used both, but prefer Tailwind for it’s analytics capabilities and that it is approved by Pinterest.

All Social Media At Once-If you want to find programs that allow you to schedule multiple types of social media in one place, here are a few to get your started: Buffer, SproutSocial, HootSuite, MeetEdgar, and CoSchedule.

Other Platforms to Watch:

Google Plus-This is a platform that I really don’t understand. I have posts for my homesteading blog automatically posted there, but I don’t spend any time in the platform and therefore don’t have many followers.

Snapchat-The teenagers love this platform. My kids can spend hours making funny selfies and posting short videos. It isn’t my medium, but if you have a young audience, you should try it out.

Quora-This is a slowly growing platform where you can still reach people directly. Someone asks a question and then you can answer it and show authority in your niche. Then you can link them back to your blog or Facebook group.

LinkedIn-This is the social media platform for business people. You can connect with people in your industry or even use it to find a job. I don’t use this platform, but it can be good for “meeting” people and connecting for business.

My last piece of advice about social media would be to start with one platform, master it, and then move on to the next. When you start a new blog, go ahead and sign up for the social media platforms you eventually want to use so that you can save your name there. But then dive deep into just one platform and really come to understand it. Maybe take an online class or ask a friend that uses it.

Before I had my homesteading blog, I had never used Twitter and only used Instagram on occasion. So I started by learning Pinterest and then Facebook because those are the platforms I knew from a personal user perspective. Therefore, it was easier for me to understand how my readers would use them too.

If you try to master all the social media platforms at once, you will get overwhelmed and burned out. Figure out which platform your readers are on and start there. Then once you’ve mastered it, you can move on to learn another one. That is the way to help your blog without going crazy!

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Social media is important, but it can also be a time suck if your aren’t careful. By taking this advice to heart and learning all you can, you will be a social media wiz in no time. Speaking of social media, we would love for you to like our profiles by clicking on the icons at the top of the page. Follow us and get more tips and tricks about photography for bloggers and blogging. We will see you there!

Action Steps:

  1. Learn one social media platform at a time. Take a class and dive deep in that place. Find where your people are and go there first. Don’t try to do it all!
  2. Be authentic on social media. Try to help people and you will see them come back for more over and over again.
  3. Use a scheduler to take off some of the time suck that posting manually may bring.

Do you use social media properly? Click here to discuss several popular social media platforms and how they can help your blog get noticed today. #blogging #socialmediatips

What is your favorite social media platform? How has it helped your blog or business? Please let us know in the comments below. Thanks!

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