7 Simple Tips for Striking Summer Photography

mountains with cows and their reflection in the lake
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I love summertime! I love the warm weather, more time spent outside and that everything is so green!

I love taking photos during the summer of vacations, weekend getaways and family fun.

If you want to take better, more appealing summer photography, I’ve got some tips for you!

7 Simple Tips for Stunning Summer Photography

jack rabbit on the grass

1. Embrace the warmth.

I love the long days of summer and the warmth of evening. Capture that warmth of summer in your photos to keep that feeling long after the season is over. In the photo above, a caught a photo of a jack rabbit that likes to visit our yard when he thinks no one is watching. The warmth of the photo reminds me of this summer tradition.

boy holding a firework at night

2. Get the details.

There are so many details of summer you can catch in your photos. In the photo above, I caught my kids lighting their sparklers for the Fourth of July. I also took photos of the fireworks in the boxes and them wearing their flag shirts as details of the holiday as well.

mountains with cows and their reflection in the lake

3. Utilize the elements.

What elements do you have that can help enhance the scene in front of you? In the photo above, I used the lake to make a reflection of the cows and mountains in sky to increase the interest in the landscape scene. Water, fire and sun flares can be used as elements to add interest to your summer photos.

carnival ferris wheel

4. Bright colors make your photos pop.

I love bright colors in photos and the summer is no exception. Whether it is bright colored bathing suits and towels to flowers and beach toys, color can make your photos pop. In the photo above, I used the bright colors of the ferris wheel against the bright blue sky at the carnival to make the photo pop.

Mesa Verde National Park cliff dwellings

5. Get the big picture.

While I love the details, it is also good to step back and get the big picture. If you are on vacation, take a big, wide landscape picture to show the context of your detail shots. In the photo above, I took a photo of the whole of the cliff dwelling from across the canyon after we had already gone and hiked the cliff dwelling for close up pictures earlier in the day at Mesa Verde National Park.

silhouette of a man on a bike

6. Silhouettes bring your imagination to life.

I love this stock photo of a man with his bike. I like the warmth of the moment and it reminds me of long summer evenings. Summer is a great time for silhouettes. Wait til evening, expose for the brightness of the background and everything in the foreground will go black. Simple subjects against a clear sky make the best silhouettes.


7. Shoot the stars or fireworks.

The night sky is fun to take photos of and summer is the best time to do this because it isn’t as cold after dark. In fact, if you live in a hot climate, you will really enjoy night photography in the summer. Whether it is fireworks for the Fourth of July or star trails, the night sky can be really fun to shoot.

Action Steps:

  1. Get out and shoot-Try to get out as much as possible and just shoot photos of whatever you are doing, wherever you are. Whether it is a family vacation, fun at home or stock photos for your blog, summer is a great time to shoot photography!
  2. Try something new-Have you shot silhouettes or star trails before? Get out there and try something different. Who knows, you just might love it!
  3. Light is everything-The most important thing in photography is good light. Keep an eye out for good light around your house and then place your subject in the light for amazing photos. Manipulating light is key for great photography.

So now that you have these tips in mind, get out and shoot this summer. The photos you shoot now can be used on your blog all year long!

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What do you love to photograph in the summer? Let us know in the comments below. And if you found this post helpful, please share. Thanks!

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