Top 10 Favorite Websites for Bloggers

How do learn more about blogging? Click here to see my top 10 favorite websites for bloggers and how they can help your business. #blogging #topwebsites #blogsaboutblogging

I love to follow other bloggers and find out what they are doing in their businesses that I might be able to do too.

We are all at different levels and it is fun to find new things and perspectives.

Today, I want to list my favorite websites that help bloggers. Whatever topic that may be: blogging, time management, social media, email marketing, affiliate marketing, etc.

Obviously, I didn’t put this blog on the list. I would consider these people my mentors in blogging, and much of what I know now comes from them.

Top 10 Favorite Websites for Bloggers:

  1. Elite Blog Academy– Ruth Soukup shares so many great tips and helps on the EBA blog. As an EBA alumni, I appreciate everything Ruth has taught me and look forward to what she is offering in the future.
  2. Melyssa Griffin– Melyssa was one of the first people I found talking about blogging online. I have taken a course from her and have learned from her blog posts as well. This is a great resource for bloggers.
  3. ProBlogger– Darren Rowse gives so much information away on his blog and podcast. He is very helpful and personable. He has been blogging for well over a decade and his expertise is amazing.
  4. Redefining Mom– Monica Froese discusses working at home as a mom, productivity and other helpful topics. She is the blogger that introduced me to EBA a year ago and I am so thankful she did!
  5. Jenna Kutcher– Jenna Kutcher is an amazing wedding photographer, blogger and podcaster. I love her personality and how she makes things feel so relatable and easy to understand. ย How do learn more about blogging? Click here to see my top 10 favorite websites for bloggers and how they can help your business. #blogging #topwebsites #blogsaboutblogging
  6. Food Blogger Pro– Bjork Ostrom is the podcaster/blogger behind the Food Blogger Pro website and membership site. I enjoy his podcasts on blogging topics and blog posts on trends in blogging.
  7. Smart Passive Income– Pat Flynn is a podcaster, blogger, speaker and money making powerhouse that really opens up his business and lets the reader/listener behind the scenes to see how he does what he does.
  8. Start a Mom Blog– Suzi Whitford is a blogger that has several great courses on starting a blog, an email list, etc. She is very relatable to stay at home moms that want to make money with their blogs but only have a few hours a day to do it in.
  9. Amy Porterfield– Amy is so fun to listen to and learn from on her podcast. She also teaches courses on building your email list, webinars and creating your own online course. She is very knowledgeable in online marketing and gives a ton of real value in her podcasts.
  10. Simple Pin Media– Kate Ahl has a great podcast about Pinterest marketing and tips on how you can get more traffic with Pinterest. Her tips have really helped my business grow and I enjoy her down to earth teaching style.

In the online world, there are so many people out there trying to get your attention. When I first starting blogging, I would get swayed by people that made big promises but really didn’t deliver. I trust these 10 people (and their websites) to give me solid, actionable information that can help me with my blog and online business. They have earned that trust through the information they give away for free and in many cases the paid options I have bought from them as well. If some of these names don’t look familiar, you need to check them out. They may be the ones that can move your blog forward in the new year.

Action Steps:

  1. Look over this list of amazing entrepreneurs.
  2. Check out the link on the names of those you don’t recognize.
  3. Add these amazing people to your list of bloggers you can trust to give you awesome, actionable information for the future.
See my top 10 favorite websites for bloggers and how they can help your business. #blogging Click To Tweet

It is important to have people in the blogging community that you can trust. Those that have gone before you and truly want to see you succeed. I feel like all of these people are that for me. Maybe they can be that for you too!

How do learn more about blogging? Click here to see my top 10 favorite websites for bloggers and how they can help your business. #blogging #topwebsites #blogsaboutblogging

Who would you add to this list? Let us know in the comments below. Thanks!

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